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Franziska Mohaupt                                                     

Franziska MohauptProfil

Franziska Mohaupt studied environmental engineering at the Technical University Berlin. Following research at the
Institute for Applied Ecology (2003),  post graduate studies at the Centre for Advanced Training in Rural Development at the Humboldt University Berlin (2004),  project management and administration at InWent Capacity Building International (2005), and research for 
 Adelphi Research (2006), she became a research for the IÖW in 2007.

Research interests

Environmental management, innovation research and social entrepreneurship, organisational learning, sustainibility assessment, qualifications in the environmental sector

Selected publications

Mohaupt, Franziska, Ziegler, Rafael; Partzsch,  Lena; Gebauer,  Jana; Henkel,  Marianne; Lodemann,  Justus; (2014): Social Entrepreneurship In The Water Sector. Getting Things Done Sustainably, Cheltenham, Cheltenham, Northampton: Edward Elgar.

Mohaupt, Franziska; Dietsche, Christian; Ziegler, Rafael; Karanja, Benson (2012): Öffentliche Versorgung durch Social Entrepreneurship? Transformation der Sanitärversorgung in Kenia. In: Ökologisches Wirtschaften (1), S. 37–40.

Mohaupt, Franziska; Hoffmann, Esther (2010): Die Unternehmen. In: Achim Schlüter, Frank Ebinger, Martin Birke und Dirk Scheer (Hg.): Innovationen in der Forst-Holz-Kette. Entwicklungstrends und Handlungsoptionen. München: Oekom, S. 55–100.

Rubik, Frieder; Scholl, Gerd; Biedenkopf, Katja; Kalimo, Harri; Mohaupt, Franziska; Söebech, Ólöf; Stø, Eivind; Strandbakken, Pål; Turnheim, Bruno (2009)
Innovative Approaches in European Sustainable Consumption Policies
, Eigenverlag IÖW Berlin.

Rubik, Frieder; Scholl, Gerd; Biedenkopf, Katja; Kalimo, Harri; Mohaupt, Franziska; Söebech, Ólöf; Stø, Eivind; Strandbakken, Pål; Turnheim, Bruno (2009), Promoting Sustainable Consumption New Policy Approaches, Berlin/Brussels/Oslo.



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