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Eva Wascher studied at the Berlin School of Economics and Law and the Dublin Institute of Technology (2004-2008). She graduated with a diploma in Business Administration with a specialization in finance & investment. Before joining GETIDOS, Eva Wascher worked with a focus on micro-finance and social return on investment (SROI) for a Berlin social entrepreneur. She has also worked for financial consultancies concerned with sustainable investment.   Eva Wascher was GETIDOS project manager until March 2012. In 2011 she won a creative competition of the Institute for Social Banking with the short film  “Money rules the world – who rules the money?". She is now a researcher for the EU-funded project I-LINC that will create a stakeholder platform with resources and networking for people working in the field of inclusion, young people, education and jobs. with a focus on ICT (for) learning. She strengthens the GETIDOS Team with her competence in social finance and social business.  


Eva Wascher, Gebauer, Jana; Mohaupt, Franziska; Henkel, Marianne; Partzsch, Lena; Lodemann, Justus; Ziegler, Rafael; (Hg.) (2009): Social entrepreneurship - Status Quo 2009. (Selbst)Bild, Wirkung und Zukunftsverantwortung; Tagungsband HUB Berlin, 16. - 17. Juli 2009. Social entrepreneurship - Status Quo 2009. Berlin HUB, 16. und 17. Juni 2009. Greifswald: Geozon Science Media.




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